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Last Modified: June 2014

Yes you can!

You can start building apps right now if...

  • You know HTML basics
  • You know basics of JavaScript
  • You have some idea with CSS


  1. Intro
  2. Organization
  3. Tools you'll need
  4. Hello, World
  5. Tips & Tricks

1. Intro

  • A brand new OS for smart phones
  • User-interface & Apps are written with HTML, CSS & JS

  • We're interested in building apps which runs in devices having

    It's already live!

    2. Organization

    of Apps

    To develop any application, we worry about two things...

    (next slides)

    User Interface

    Pages, Forms, Buttons, sliders...

    & Controls!

    Logic programming, loops, working with data etc...


    While building apps, we

    • build user interface with HTML & CSS
    • & Javascript does the programming!


    So, apps are basically Web Apps!

    And since HTML/CSS/JavaScripts are standards, these apps run not only in devices, but on any device that have a browser!!! (Yes, on your Android too*)

    Don't misunderstand web apps - they run offline, too!
    * Some APIs don't work in all browsers.

    Let's Start!

    3. Tools

    Optionally (highly recommended):

    Text Editor

    Any text editor will work. We'll be making following types of files:

    • HTML (.html)
    • JavaScript (.js)
    • CSS (.css)

    You can use Sublime, Notepad++, Netbeans, Eclipse or even the basic editor which comes with your OS.

    Firefox Browser

    To see the complete functionality of your app, we'll use Firefox Browser - the desktop browser we all love.

    We'll open the HTML files with our browser.

    App Manager

    App Manager comes built-in with Firefox 26.0+. App manager can be used to install Firefox OS simulator or to send apps to your device.


    Hello, World!

    It's time for a "Hello World" app, right now!

    Step 1: Create a directory named hello

    Create a directory named hello anywhere in your computer.

    This will be the base directory - we put all files of our app here.

    Step 2: Create file named index.html

    Create a file index.html (it doesn't need to be index.html, it could be any name with .html extention) in the hello directory.

    See it in your browser

    Open the index.html file with your Firefox Browser. You can double-click or right-click then open with Firefox.

    But...doesn't look like a mobile app!

    Because, we've not taken care of screen size & others.


    To test mobile screens with various sizes, press Control + Shift + M in your Firefox!

    Pressing ctrl + shft + M gives a mobile app look-&-feel!

    Step 3: Create Manifest file

    All Firefox OS apps need a manifest file. The manifest file tells the app's name, description, permissions it requires and some other basic settings.
    Manifest file can have any name, but it should have .webapp extension.
    Create manifest.webapp file in project directory

    We create manifest.webapp file (note the .webapp extention) in hello directory:

    Install app in the simulator!

    1. Open App Manager by typing about:app-manager in the address bar of browser
    2. click Start Simulator > Firefox OS x.x from the bottom bar
    3. Click Add Packaged App & select the folder which contains manifest.webapp file you just created.
    4. Click update
    Bingo! Go to the simulator & fine our app installed.

    App in Firefox OS Simulator

    We've added a Batman Icon Too!

    More Fun: Add some scripts

    We will add a text input box and a button in our simple app.
    When user clicks button, an alert box with the text in the input field will be shown.

    Change the index.html file
    to add the input elements

    Create a file named hello.js
    inside your project directory

    // Refer to UI elements
    var button = document.getElementById('myButton');
    var txtInput = document.getElementById('myTextInput');
    // Bind click event of the button with an event listener
    button.addEventListener('click', function(){
        var text = txtInput.value;
        // Show alert box with this text
    Open Simulator and click Update


    You have created your first app!

    Tips & Tricks

    Do we need to use the Simulator?

    Not really. You can test your app using the Firefox Browser. I can test all the functionalities almost, using the browser & mobile view. So each time you update your app you can test by just refreshing the browser.

    Using Frameworks

    To give your app a mobile application like look and feel, you can use many frameworks.
    jQuery Mobile is a cool framework, which turns your HTML stuffs into cool mobile app!

    Also handle mobile input events like tap, tap-&-hold, swipe etc!

    Introducing jQuery Mobile

    Cool, right? learning jQuery Mobile is very easy!

    See a video tutorial by Aniruddha on building an app in 6 minutes using jQuery Mobile - you won't regret this!

    Also shows usage of drag & drop interface to build UI!

    Handling different screen sizes

    Mobile devices come with many different screen sizes - and your app should look alike in all of those regardless of the screen size.

    Address this issue by making your app responsive

    Responsive Frameworks

    Instead of building a framework from scratch, using a framework that support responsive design would be good idea.

    Jquery Mobile is responsive!
    Many other responsive frameworks exist, of course.

    Building Blocks

    Check out Building Blocks to easily apply native look & feel and UI elements, transitions etc. Many works are done already for your app!

    Publishing your app

    Once you've completed your app, you need to upload it in a server, and share the link.

    Firefox Marketplace

    You can submit your app in the Firefox Marketplace for more publicity!

    Sign in to Marketplace Developer Hub & follow the instructions!


    Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

    MDN Will be your one-stop center for docs. You may also check out:


    Apps Showdown

    Need inspiration? See some cool apps in action in the Demo Studio. You may also try the Marketplace from Simulator.

    Thank You

    Author: Shafiul Azam


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