Welcome to Git

Welcome to Git - the fast, distributed version control system.

This book is meant to be a starting point for people new to Git to learn it as quickly and easily as possible.

This book will start out by introducing you to the way Git stores data, to give you the context for why it is different than other VCS tools. This is meant to take you about 20 minutes.

Next we will cover Basic Git Usage - the commands you will be using 90% of the time. These should give you a good basis to use Git comfortably for most of what you're going to use it for. This section should take you about 30 minutes to read through.

Next we will go over Intermediate Git Usage - things that are slightly more complex, but may replace some of the basic commands you learned in the first section. This will mostly be tricks and commands that will feel more comfortable after you know the basic commands.

After you have all of that mastered, we will cover Advanced Git - commands that most people probably don't use very often, but can be very helpful in certain situations. Learning these commands should round out your day-to-day git knowledge; you will be a master of the Git!

Now that you know Git, we will then cover Working with Git. Here we will go over how to use Git in scripts, with deployment tools, with editors and more. These sections are meant to help you integrate Git into your environment.

Lastly, we will have a series of articles on low-level documentation that may help the Git hackers who want to learn how the actual internals and protocols work in Git.

Feedback and Contributing

At any point, if you see a mistake or want to contribute to the book, you can send me an email at schacon@gmail.com, or you can clone the source of this book at http://github.com/schacon/gitbook and send me a patch or a pull-request.


Much of this book is pulled together from different sources and then added to.
If you would like to read some of the original articles or resources, please visit them and thank the authors:

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